For The World

How the World Would Look Like at Peace

If the world were in peace there would not be wars and people would not fight. If there would be peace people would solve their problems by words, and not by war.

Children Finding Peace

We as children can post posters around places we know promoting peace. And make a book about children helping the world.

We Should all Have Rights

Some rights we should all have. Everyone should be able to have a good education. We should all be able too be together. We should also be able to practice whatever religion you believe in.We should all be equal.We should all be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we Learned This Week

Some things we have learned. There are people in the world that don't like peace. If there were peace in the world life would be easier. That is why we should thank the United Nations.

9/11 was a horrible day that changed the world. Planes crashed into very important buildings in the United States. The deaths that happened were devastating.

I think that everyone should have equal rights like happiness and peace. Peace would make the world a better place.

About US

My name is Isabella but most people call me Bella. I was born in the USA but only lived there two months before moving to Costa Rica.

My name is Felipe Peralta and people call me Feli. I was born in Costa Rica.

We both go to Country Day School and are in 5th grade.