Endangered Species

Should endangered species have more protection: by Adam

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Many humans are causing species to become endangered. Animals and plants are losing their habitats because of rising human population and expanding cities. Humans are neglecting animals therefore the 100 most endangered animals suffer from being unknown.
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Enviromental Disaster

If a specie was removed from a food chain it would lead to starvation and extinction. For example if plankton eat plants, salmon eat plankton, seals eat salmon, and polar bears eat seals. If salmon are endangered and get extinct seals would lose their food source and become extinct then polar bears would lose their food source and get extinct. The plankton would get over populated and eat all the seaweed which will make the seaweed become extinct then once again, the plankton will lose their food. This example shows how if specie becomes extinct it would lead to enviromental disaster. 


                 If a species gets extinct you could lose some valuble resourses like...


Lots of species are being saved today. The ESA (endangered species act) is saving thousands of animals and plants today along with other organizations. More and more help is being given to endangered species each year.