Dream Big Newsletter

Lewis and Clark Third Grade

What we worked on this week!

English Language Arts - We continued our work on our author study projects. The various classes have certain research and writing goals for the week to aide in dividing up the resources. Topics of focus are comparing and contrasting two books by the same author, researching the author's biography, and giving their opinion on one of their author's books. All of their work will be shared through a media-based project. Ask your child what their research focus was on their author this week.

Math - Students have been mastering their way through the division facts, similar to the way they learned their multiplication facts. However, this time we have learned the beauty of inverse operations! This shows us that the division facts are really the reverse of multiplication! Students are also working hard to finish our grade level's goal for timed tests in all four operations: + - x and division.

Social Studies - We continue to earn money and pay weekly rent, utilities and taxes in our study of economics. This week we learned why it is important to save our money, how to budget, and the idea of opportunity cost. We will wrap up this unit next week, be looking for a study guide.

Spelling - We worked on comparative adjectives that use -er and -est (smaller, smallest). Next week we'll look at adverbs with the -ly suffix (lonely).

Camp Reading next week at Lewis and Clark

Next week is Camp Reading Week at LC! Students are encouraged to wear camp attire (shorts, summer camp t-shirts, bandannas, hiking boots, etc.) all week and bring a flashlight to school to read with. There will be activities throughout the week to encourage reading now and over the summer. We’re looking forward to a great “camp” full of reading fun!

Thank you for a great Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thanks for the many nice ways you honored all the instructors at our school this week. We can't thank you enough for the flowers, notes, candy and other treats. We feel loved!

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 12th: Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream Socia

Tuesday, May 20: Field trip to Science City & Federal Reserve

**If you plan to join us on the field trip- your child's teacher must have your name by 9:00 Tuesday the 13th. We have to send a list of all attendees to the Federal Reserve a week in advance for security clearance.

Monday, May 26th: Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27th: Health and Safety Day 9:00-12:00

Afternoon - Moving Up Day to visit next grade

Wednesday, May 28th: Play Day/Awards

Thursday, May 29th: Early Release 12:45/Last Day of School