by Mohamed Hamdan

Importance about Capitalism

The benefits of capitalism are that high level of education you have the higher

your salary is gonna be.The people should want capitalism because you don't get the same salary as everyone.

Facts about Capitalism

Capitalism is based on three things:wage labor,private ownership,and production for exchange and profit.Individual people is charged for the capitalism.The high level you have

the higher they pay you.You can buy or sell things without the help of government.

What is Capitalism? Part 1


Pros:Economic freedom helps political freedom.If government own means of production and set prices,so if you had capitalism you can make your own price

and the government can't set a price.

Cons:The negative about the capitalism is that the owner can charge you

more than the government charges,so that's the negative thing about the capitalism.


Capitalism is the best economic product because the higher your level of education is the higher the salary you get from your job.