A book summary

Questions About Matched

Q: ¿Is Matched like The Hunger Games?

A: The two books are similar in that they both have a love triangle, controling people, and the interest in justice. They both have female heroines but the similarities end there. Katniss is a strong dependent young lady while Cassia is dainty, fragile, and in love.

Q: ¿Who are the characters?

A: Xander, Cassia, Ky, and a few more. This book is made of multiple characters but those seem to be the most important.

Q: ¿What are the charaters like?

A: Xander is kind of the brains in the book. Cassia has the heart and soul, and Ky is the deep sentimental one whos life story is tragic and once you know it you can help but fall in love with him too.

Q: ¿Who does Matched appeal to?

A: It appeals to anyone with a heart, soul, a passion for reading and a place to treasure the gold this book contains.

The Hook

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