Principal's News

Week 3, Term 2

May .... already! So where did April go?

It has been so good to see the children settled back into learning. You have all done a great job in establishing the learning culture of our school over Term 1. As I stated in the newsletter, Term 2 is about getting your hands dirty in learning. This is the time that everyone really needs to roll up their sleeves; kids, parents and teachers. Learning is not neat and clean and it is not a one hit wonder. It requires some very strategic action on your behalf.

We know from last years review that our children are under performing, especially in reading, and that has implications for all other areas of the curriculum. That's why on any day you will see a whole swag of parents listening to our children read. I figure that if no-one is listening to them at home, we need to do it at school. Be very appreciative of the parents who support us in this.

So how do you promote reading in your classroom? Are you reading to your children daily, do you listen to them read, are you encouraging them to join the Premiers Reading Challenge, do you check up on those kids who never borrow from the library???

If you don't ACTIVELY push reading, our results will remain the same - plain and simple! But if our kids read better .... what possibilities are there for everything else?

A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest! ― C.S. Lewis

Reminders .....

  • School Tours - 9 - 10am on Tuesday and 2 - 3pm on Wednesday for prospective enrolments
  • Quietly in the building please
  • Grandparents Day next week - watch out for information
  • Do your best and be your best!