No Child Left Behind!

What About Teachers?

No Teacher Left Behind!

For the past decade, we have debated the merits of the No Child Left Behind Act, but have we given any thought to No Teacher Left Behind? Although, teachers have had the education necessary to obtain a teaching credential, is that where their education should end? I think the answer is obvious. With the constant changes in curriculum and technology, not to mention the new Common Core State Standards, teachers need to continue learning to ensure that they are not "left behind." This can be accomplished through educational classes that focus on technology, workshops that include training on the most effective use of technology, and annual reassessments.

Consistent Standards for Teachers

Like students, teachers should be held to certain standards when it comes to teaching. With the new Common Core Standards, for all teachers to be in alignment is ideal. Although, each teacher has his/her own teaching style, they all should possess the necessary tools to implement the standards set.

Mastering the ISTE Standards

Are teachers being well prepared to master the ISTE Standards? I would have to say yes. They are being taught to be creative, innovative, and to not only collaborate, but to communicate. They have developed research practices, are familiar with the concepts of technology, and they are critical thinking problem solvers. Using these standards to teach classes, teachers are well on their way to mastering the ISTE Standards for Teachers.


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