Come To El Paso!


El Paso is a sandy loam grounded town, in the middle of chihuahua desert. With a very dry climate. Come visit El Paso with 606,526 other people and 3710 feet above sea level. Also , come and see the Rio Grande.


Come to El Paso to be a doctor or a nurse. Also, work at food production companies and copper refining companies. With a household median of $40,808 and a average home cost of $110,400, and an average apartment rent of $750. Also, an unemployment rate of 4.4%.


El Paso was established in 1827. The origin of the name means crossing the river. A historical event was the Mexican Revolution which was in 1910-1920. Also, you can come to the Day of the dead on November 1st through November 2nd.


Come and see the mayor, Oscar Leeser. Some schools are Howard Birmingham Elementary and Eastwood High. Also, you can come and see ,or go to, the University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP). If you want to help El Paso in any way one of the most popular ways is iiin Animal Shelters.