Tattoo Artist

Career Cluster: Business

Job duties

~ ensure the shop is sanitary

~ tools are sterilized appropriately

~ design original or variations of know tattoos for customers

~ create a computer network

~ hire artists

Work environment

~ inside

~ tattoo shop

Days And Hours

~ 6 hours a day, 6 days a week

~ holidays off

Starting Salary

Per Hour~ varies ( how many customers a days)

Per Year~ $51,764


~ no benefits

~ self employed

Education/ Training

~ no education or training required

Personality Characteristics

~ work well with people

~ understand client medical histories

~ educating clients on signs of infection

~ listen and communicate effectively


~ make a portfolio of your best work for apprenticeships

~ take different art classes


~ flexible hours

~ making a living on your artistic ability

~ work with people who share your passion for body art


~ uncertain income

~ no benefits

~ close contact to blood-borne illnesses

Kirt Silver time lapse Superman tattoo