Schoology Tips and Tricks

Week of October 5th

Submitting Assignments

Have you ever thought that you submitted an assignment, only to find out that the final submission step was not complete?

Please make sure you get to the very end of the Schoology Assignment and click on Submit. You will be prompted to then make sure you are ready to submit. Click yes. You will know it was submitted correctly if you go back to the assignment and can see Submitted with a timestamp.

Below are links to directions on Submitting Assignments in Schoology.



Understanding Checking Your Grades

Check out the latest "Be Your Best You" Video!

Be Your Best You - Season 2 - Tips for Online Schooling

HELPDESK vs. In School Support for Schoology and Technology

When should you contact the helpdesk and when should you contact your teacher?

Here is a quick breakdown of who to go to when you are stuck.


  • Your SMCPS issued Laptop, iPad or HotSpot is not working.
  • This could be due to a hardware issue, battery issue, or it may be missing an app or other software needed to support online learning.
  • Use this form to report hardware issues with your SMCPS issued device.
  • *Please note: we cannot support tech issues on your personal devices.

In-School Support (Teacher)

  • Trouble understanding an assignment? Please email the teacher of the course you are struggling with.
  • Assignments not opening? Error messages? Reach out to the teacher of the course you are having issues with.

General Tech Issues

  • Google Drive not connecting. TRY THIS
  • Issues with logging in? Have you CLEARED YOUR CACHE?
  • Have you looked though the tech support page of THIS WEBSITE?
  • Have you contacted your teacher? Have you tried everything else? Use this form to request additional help.

Notifications Settings

Did you know you can edit your notifications?

1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of Schoology.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Choose the Notifications Tab.

Here you can choose which notifications are sent to your email. You can also turn on text notifications.

VIDEO guidance

Link to September Smore

Last month's Smore newsletter includes tips and tricks for Google Assignments, photos, completion rules, and calendar settings.

Do you need to Clear Your Cache?

You need to clear your cache often to fix login issues and errors.

Elementary iPad Recording Errors

The HTML5 audio/video recorder is supported on the following material types when using the Schoology iOS app:
  • Assignment
  • Discussion
  • Event
  • Message
  • Update

The HTML5 audio/video recorder is supported on the following material type when using Safari or Chrome on iOS (not the Schoology iOS app)
  • Assessment

For assessments:
  • Students can access an assessment using the Schoology iOS app, however, the audio/video recording is not supported at this time. Students can use Safari or Chrome to record audio/video on their iPads instead of the Schoology app.

For material types that are not supported, students will receive a Please Use a Supported Browser (or a variance of this message) message since the HTML5 recorder and Chrome/Firefox/Safari are not supported on mobile devices.
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