Montgomery Bus Boycott

Stop This Madness

Dont Ride the Bus!

Join with me my fellow community. We must stop this madness of separation. It is not fair to African Americans. We must be compared to be equel. Martin Luther King Jr. and Roas parks are begining to prepare their future statements and judgement on the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Join in on this piece of history. You don't want to miss this! I am asking that we dont ride or have any uses of the bus ttransportation. We will car pull and we will use cabs to get around. Whats the differance between you and me? The answer is nothing. We are all the same and have equel rights. The suporters will be included: Martin Luther King Jr. and Roas parks and of corse you! Dont miss this chance where your opinion will make a differance!

Future Without Buses!

The next time you think about riding the bus stop and ask your self "Can I Make a Differance?" The next time you go out use a cab or car pull with a friend or neighbor!