February 4, 2016


What another great week in first grade! It is hard to believe that we have reached 100 days of school!!


  • On February 24th, 1st Grade will visit the Outdoor Learning Center.
  • All students and adults must wear long pants, long socks, and an old pair of closed- toe shoes.
  • Everyone must dress appropriately for the weather. We do go outdoors in all kinds of weather with the exception of heavy rain and/or lightning.
  • On March 30th, 1st Grade will visit the Plano Children's Theatre.
  • If you are interested in being a parent chaperone for either of our field trips, please email your child's teacher no later than Thursday, Feb. 11th.
  • Also, please make sure your volunteer background check is up to date. Email our campus manager, for more information.
  • Younger siblings are not permitted to ride on PISD buses nor allowed to visit the Outdoor Learning Center.

  • If students choose to bring Valentines to school on Friday, February 12th, they should bring enough for everyone in their class.
  • Cards should be signed by your child but not addressed.
  • We look forward to meeting with each of you next week to discuss your child's progress thus far in first grade. Your child's teacher will send a reminder note or put a sticker in the planner with your appointment time.
  • PTA is planning a contest for children around multicultural night. Attached to our email is the flyer regarding the contest.


  • If it is below 40 degrees (actual temperature or wind chill), recess will be indoors. That being said, we will go outside if the temperature or wind chill is above 40 degrees.
  • At 10:30 it is still pretty chilly so please send your child to school with a coat, gloves, and hat if necessary. Sometimes their sweatshirts don't seem warm enough. :-)
  • When it is dark in the morning, it's sometimes hard to get going. Mrs. Allen shared an informative chart that emphasizes children's need for sleep. Check it out below to see if your child is getting enough zzzs.
Big image



  • We are practicing adding 3 addends.
  • We have learned that the order of the addends doesn't matter, but it is easier to find the sum if we look for combinations of 10 or doubles. For example, 2+8+3: Add 2+8 first (10) and then add 3 to find the sum of 13. Another example, 4+9+4: Add 4+4 first (8) and then add 9 to find the sum of 17.

  • This week, we are enjoying learning more about Abraham Lincoln and why he is important to our country.

  • Our Materials Engineering Unit continues this week as we use our knowledge of which mortar will work best to hold our stone wall in place.
  • Thanks to all of you who sent in supplies.

Important Dates

February 8th-February 12th: Friendship Week and Parent Conferences

February 12th: Friendship Parties

February 22nd @ 11:00: "Did We Win" Parenting Class (See attachment below)

February 24: Field Trip to the Outdoor Learning Center

March 30: Field Trip to the Plano Children's Theatre

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