Have a Heart

Where something so small, can make a big difference.

Donations welcome

Wide range of donations are now being accepted til Dec 7th. Anything from canned or packaged food, holiday cards, blankets, toiletries, toys, water...anything helps. Check out the list below to see full variety of donations welcome. You can even choose where your donation goes to! Even if you can't choose or don't know what to donate, cash donations can make homemade holiday care packages with a signature from your family to theirs. Some even sent to deployed single soldiers, if requested. Everyone needs someone, you're donations can make someone's holiday and even change lives.

Proceeds go to...

Other options:

There is also an option to send Mail For Heroes, greeting cards to lift the spirits of deployed soldiers. As well as care packages for them. Also SAFE Shelter in Savannah. Please check out items needed. http://safeshelter.org/donate/needed-items/.

Meet Miranda Williams...

I'm a single mother of 3, working from home as a freelance makeup artist. I'm also a local of Hinesville, Ga. My goal is to show my children, that even though we may not have much, we have way more than other families all around the world and if you can put a little effort into helping someone else in need, it can definitely make a big difference. Someone's life can be touched in the slightest way, whether it be from a warm meal or card and teddy bear. I hope to motivate other young people to take the time out to do their part and teach the younger generation what good there is in the world.

We thank you! Call, Txt, or stop by!

You can drop off donations from 9am-7pm every day of the week. You can even call my cell if I'm not home so I can possibly pick your donation up. Please make sure all donations are not damaged, used or opened. All cash donations will have receipt in hand and in store receipt for proof of purchases, followed by daily posted pics on Facebook.