Minnesota Mall Mannequins

Book Review

Why people should read this book

People should consider reading this book because it has so much suspense in it that you will never want to stop reading! This book is about 2 girls named Jessica and Rachel and they take a class field trip to Mall of America. They both love to shop so they try to sneak away from the class and go shopping all day long. Instead they get caught by this mysterious guy that somewhat looks like a mannequin. He takes them to a special room in the back of the mall and they stay there for the whole day. They try to escape through the vents and when they look out the window there are no cars in the parking lot and it is night time! They have to find away to get out of the mall, call the police, and figure out what the mannequins are up too.
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This is where the setting of the book is. It is at Mall of America, which is the biggest mall in the U.S.A. This is Located in Minnesota which is not to far from where we live in Wisconsin. It is so big that you can fit 7 Yankee baseball stadiums inside of it.

Other books in the series

This series by Jonathan Rand is called American Chillers. There are 40 books in this series which are about 40 different states. They even have one about Wisconsin which I just got done reading. It is called Wisconsin Werewolves. He also has a very similar series which is called Michigan Chillers. It is about the same thing just instead of states it is cities. My favorite one in that series is called Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo.
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This is a picture of the author.