Southwood School

June 2020, End of Year

In This Edition

-Principals' Message

-Welcome to New and Returning Staff!

-2020-2021 Teaching & Support Staff

-Happy Retirement to Ms. Loewen!

-Planning on Moving?

-Meet the Teacher Night

-Strong Connections

-Community Report

-School Supplies

-Southwood Calendar

-WISE - Activity Booklet - June Edition

-Eye See... Eye Learn - A Message from the Manitoba Association of Optometrists

-Dates to Remember

Principals' Message

Dear Southwood Families,

Although we could never have imagined the impact this virus would have had on our school year, the way you as families has responded has been exceptional. We thank you for the support we have received as a staff in the midst of everyone's lives being uprooted.

With summer holidays approaching, we have been steadily planning for September despite not knowing what it will look like. We want to wish you all the best throughout the summer months and we looks forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Mr. Kehler

Welcome to New and Returning Staff!

Please help us to welcome back new and returning staff in September:

Brad Peters

Amber Van Ma'iingan

Lisa Coulter

Belle Monchamp

Corliss Friesen

Jessica Gowan

2020-2021 Teaching & Support Staff

-In September 2020 we will welcome the following staff members to Southwood K-4 School:

Teaching Staff:

Principal - Rod Kehler

Vice Principal - Chantal Johnson

Learning Support - Melissa Heinrichs

Learning Support - Nicole Billiald

Learning Support - Jordan Hurton

Guidance - Chantal Johnson

Guidance - Courtney Baudry

Literacy Support - Donna Neufeldt

Phys Ed / Numeracy Support - Megan Smyth

K1D - Christie Durston

K2C - Lisa Coulter

K3B - Cheri Boschman

K4G - Jessica Gowan

K5V - Helga Vogt

1C - Tabitha Cavanagh

1G - Susan Gudmundson

1M - Catrina McKay

1P - Brad Peters

1S - Sherilyn Sawatzky / Michaela Dueck

2C - Laurie Cox

2F - Corliss Friesen

2K - Sandi Kauenhofen

2N - Shania Neyron

3B - Tara Bairos

3H - Julia Hiebert

3J - Holly Janke

3P - Kristjana Peterson

4B - Manuel Broztmann

4H - Cassie Healey

4M - Belle Monchamp

4N - Marianne Neufeld

Phys. Ed. - Cheryl Chernos

Music (Gr 1- 4) - Karla Brown

Support Staff:

EA - Kathy Bergen

EA - Amber Friesen

EA - Hilda Hildebrand

EA - Karen Hoffman

EA - Kristy Klassen

EA - Erica Nickel

EA - Sharon Osiowy

EA - Jennifer Schroeder

EA - Sandi Stampe-Sobering

Administrative Secretary - Amber Van Ma'iingan

Secretary - Sherri James

Library Support Specialist - Sarah Locke

Custodian - Russ Sobering

Custodial Assistant - Angela McDonald

Custodial Assistant - Chelsea Dawson-Sayer

Happy Retirement to Ms. Loewen!

One of our beloved teachers is retiring!

Ms. Loewen has been at Southwood School for many years and in Hanover for many more years. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues and friends.

Ms. Loewen always works extra hard for her students, providing engaging lessons and working with them to achieve their goals. Parents have appreciated her dedication and commitment to their children year after year. Her colleagues have appreciated her willingness to share her ideas, resources, and years of experience.

Ms. Loewen never takes people for granted and is known to share her gratitude by providing home baked goodies. Even though she loves them, she is always willing to share her chocolate covered jujubes with others, as well.

Enjoy your retirement and all those treats you no longer have to share! We will miss you!

Planning on Moving?

If you are planning to move locations during the summer, please call our office at 204-326-3518 as soon as possible or the school division at 204-326-6471 after June 30th. Thank you!

Meet the Teacher Night

Tuesday, September 8th from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Parents and children are invited to Southwood School the night before school starts to find their classrooms, meet their new teachers and drop off their school supplies. We are sure that this approach to "Meet the Teacher Night" will remove a few of the "night before the first day of school" jitters!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR GRADE 1 - 4: Wednesday, September 9th

Strong Connections

Friday, September 18th and Monday, September 21st

These two days will be set aside for teachers and students to be involved in some in-depth "getting to know your child" activities and assessments. This is possible because they will only have about half of their students in their classroom on each day. Each family will be notified in the beginning of September if their family is attending school on Friday or Monday. The students will have a regular "school day" with some extras in terms of fun and unique activities in the computer lab, gym and music room.

Community Report for 2019-20

Care. Learn. Grow.

Planning Priority #1 - Learning Environments/Partnerships

● Students were provided with opportunities and resources so they can be actively involved in classroom and whole-school activities that support collaboration and learning with others. Some of the activities which contributed to this were school clubs, house-hooplas, seasonal celebrations, a variety of learning trips, and the student learning expo.

● Students participated in a variety of global and national events that included Pink Day, Orange Day, Treaty Education, Green Action Centre, Active and Safe Routes to School, and The Giving Project.

● School programs and activities were provided to increase student engagement and enhance student learning of the curriculum. Activities and programs included iWalk, iBike, Earth Day, STEAM Month, Pink Day, Terry Fox Run, Literacy and Numeracy Month, buddy Systems and our House Colour System.

● A focus on student well-being and activities that promote positive mental health choices will support healthy learning environments. These include Music Therapy, Zone of Regulation, Project 11, and Roots of Empathy.

● Communication with parents and guardians enhanced with the use of Parent Portal, SeeSaw, and Brightarrow.

● Community partnerships were made to deepen learning experiences for students. Some of these partnerships included Wildlife Haven, Farm Credit Canada, Fernwood Place, SRSS, and Variety Club of Manitoba.

Planning Priority #2 - Numeracy

● Southwood developed and implemented the Numeracy Achievement Project. This project has provided important data for directing our teaching and additional professional development opportunities for classroom teachers.

● The addition of a numeracy teacher has been a benefit for both students and staff. Significant growth has been observed in the direct teaching by this teacher for those students who benefited from her support.

● Balanced School Day scheduled continued for a second year. Southwood, once again, observed a reduced number in transitions during the school day, provided longer learning blocks and improved the nutritional and physical activity needs of the students.

Planning Priority #3 - Literacy

● The use of technology, SeeSaw for Schools, was used to support literacy instruction during the Learning from Home period.

● In addition to our school based literacy support teacher, we were able to offer additional literacy support under the direction of the divisional literacy clinician. This has had a significant positive impact on our program.

● Teachers received significant professional development in regards to the way we approach and assess literacy this past year. The first introduction to “Literacy Sound Walls” was conducted with the literacy clinician.

● Kindergarten teachers incorporated their knowledge of oral language and phonological awareness into their programs.

About Us

Southwood School originated in 1947 and currently has 486 students, 30 teachers, 14 educational assistants, 2 secretaries, 1 library clerk, and 3 custodians.

Our school offers a variety of hands-on and expeditionary learning opportunities for students. We have focused on providing a variety of learning spaces that promote creativity, innovation, and imagination. These spaces include flexible classrooms, a MakerSpace, an outdoor learning classroom, and our nature playground.

As part of Hanover School Division’s Deeper Learning Plan, we have made a strong commitment to improving our pedagogical practices that incorporate technology and the development of community partnerships. We believe this provides a richer and more relevant learning experience for students.

At Southwood School we strive to provide a balanced learning experience for all students that focuses on literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional development.

Above all, the staff of Southwood School recognize the impact that meaningful relationships has on the social, emotional, and academic development of each child.

School Supplies

Supply lists for next year can be found on the school website under the "Parent" tab. If you are wanting to purchase your supplies through Staples, information can be found there as well.

Southwood 2020-2021School Calendar - Please see the downloadable pdf below.

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Eye See... Eye Learn - A Message from the Manitoba Association of Optometrists

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Dates to Remember

June 2020

26 Last Day of School



August 2020

26 - School Office Opens

September 2020





7 Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

8 Meet the Teacher Night 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

9 First Day of School for Grades 1 - 4 Students

9-14 Kindergarten Staggered Entrance (1/2 class)

18 & 21 Strong Connections for Grades 1 - 4 Students

WISE - Activity Booklet - June Edition

Please see the following link for the June edition of the WISE Activity Booklet:

In addition, you can find hard copies of the activity book at the following grocery stores and organizations:

Thompson: Safeway & Family Foods

The Pas: Extra Foods & Family Foods

Flin Flon: Family Foods & Co-op

Dauphin: Co-op

Steinbach: Sobey's

Altona: IGA

Morden: Co-op

Winnipeg: IRCOM, Sunshine House - Drop-in Resource Centre, Health Sciences Centre - Children's Hospital, North End Women's Centre, Spence Neighbourhood Association