A PROUD Picture

Snapshot of April 27-May 1, 2015

My PROUD thoughts...

It's great to be back, especially since I'm finally feeling close to normal. I know I have thanked you many times for all of your support whether it was cards, gift baskets, flowers, gift cards, or text messages, but you will never fully grasp what this has meant to me. Having cancer not only affects one physically but emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I have needed you, and you stepped up!! What a blessing to me!

We have six weeks left in this year and an incredibly busy schedule! Hang on! We will definitely finish tired but strong! Hang in there and keep up the good work. Let's have some fun and celebrate a great year!!

Guess what(s) & reminders!

  • The month of May is busy!!!! Let's have some fun!!! Each day is a blessing!
  • May 6th is School Nurse Day!! Let's celebrate Nurse Cassie!

What's A Happenin'

April 27 - Falcon Fury is P.R.O.U.D. – wear your ROCK shirt or Timbercreek High School Purple!

April 28 - Our Future is BRIGHT – wear bright colors and sunglasses

Anne out 8:30-10:30

April 29 - Dress to Impress – dress up like your favorite educator

Danielle out AM

Brett out PM

April 30 - · College Day – wear your favorite college colors or jersey

ELA training @ 3:20

May 1 - · Career Day - We FLIP over Amazing Careers-wear flip flops

Anne out AM

Family Fun Movie Night @ ERES!

Eagle Bucks to...

Brett and Danielle for another outstanding testing experience

Debbie for the great lunches she planned for us

3rd and 4th teachers for taking on the responsibility and stress of the STAAR

K-2nd teachers for helping make the stress less by sending prepared students

Goodie bag people for going the extra mile to show your support for some friends

Happy MAY Birthday to you!

2 - Dawn

5 - Heather S

6 - Blair

9 - Paula

12 - Beth

16 - Julie O

17 - John

25 - Heather R

26 - Nancy

30 - Sharla