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BOGO Week with doTERRA Essential Oils FEB 20-25

BOGO Week FEB 20 - 25

BOGO Week with doTERRA Essential Oils! FEB 20-25

What that means -- You can buy 1 Essential Oil and get 1 FREE. And today FEB 25th you'll receive 1 FREE Essential Oil. It's a pretty sweet deal and I'd love for you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

The BOGOs run midnight to midnight each day. You have 24 hours to take advantage of the daily BOGO deal.

TODAY's BOGO for FEB 25th is ***BUY 1 PEACE TOUCH and get 1 CHEER TOUCH FREE***

If you are a Wellness Advocate, you can purchase 6 BOGOs per day on your account.

If you are not a Wellness Advocate and are interested in the daily BOGO, please text or call me at 757-652-5463 or email me at I can hook you up with the BOGO deal!

Are you new to Essential Oils? I am opening up my wholesale account for BOGO week. And that means you can have my 25% off discount for the BOGO deal! Contact me today for this amazing BOGO deal -- Buy 1 PEACE TOUCH (Wholesale $18.25) and get 1 CHEER TOUCH (Retail value $21.67)!

Or if you are ready for a KIT, you can go to and purchase your favorite KIT option (I recommend the Family Essentials, Family Wellness, Home Essentials Kit or the AromaTouch Diffused) and add the BOGO deal!

Enroll as a wholesale member by FEB 28th and you could qualify for $100 in FREE Essential Oils. There has never been a better time to you can add on a BOGO with even more FREE product.

I will also connect you with some excellent education on doTERRA Essential Oils. Please take a look at to learn about the sourcing of doTERRA Essential Oils.

Thank you for considering adding a few Essential Oils to your home remedies!

Peace and Cheer Touch BOGO

Peace Touch

***Reassuring Blend***

-- Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment

-- Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions


-- Give yourself peace of mind by rubbing doTERRA Peace Touch into your temples

-- Apply doTERRA Peace to tense shoulders

-- When experiencing anxious feelings, apply one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply

-- To calm a restless child, apply to bottoms of feet

Cheer Touch

**Uplifting Blend **

-- Promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness

-- Counteracts negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low


-- A cheerful heart is good medicine. Rub Cheer Touch over your heart.

-- Keep your chin up by rubbing doTERRA Cheer Touch into the back of your neck.

-- During winter time, apply to wrist and smell throughout the day for an uplifting aroma.

-- Apply to the bottoms of the feet of a child who needs a boost of positivity and cheerfulness

CHEER Spotlight:

Where to find the daily BOGO

Right here on this FLYER. I will update the BOGO daily!

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