Saving Our Nature

We can do this by giving hand to hand

Every year getting lower population.

Did you know that there were spotted 691 bears in Alberta (not including parts of the National Parks) in year 2010. And the population of the bears not just in Alberta, but all over the world is getting lower because of us people. Would it be nice if your world was being destroyed from other creatures and, you didn't have any change to protect your world. The same is happening to them. I just want you to make emphaty between the bears that have to move from their area to another area because it's being destroyed.

What can we do to protect them

Let's protect our nature

To protect the grizzly bears, we all have to work together; comeing from our hearts. The way to stop,slow down their population getting lower is to try to keep our nature clean and not waste anything that we don't need to. Let's make this world happier for everybody.

I hope you can understand me and try to make world a place that everybody can live.