Lunch & Learn

Bring your food and your brain!

The results are in!

Here's what we're learning about this time:

South Elementary (
Friday, February 26th)

Nearpod (

North Elementary (Wednesday, February 24th)

Seesaw (

Middle School (Tuesday, February 23rd)

Book Creator (

High School (Tuesday, March 1st)

Book Creator (

What if My Choice Wasn't Picked?

Bummer! But don't worry! Set up an appointment with me and I'd be happy to teach you about it! Or maybe we can have a separate lunch and learn?

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What is it?

I will be traveling to each building during the lunch block and hanging out in the staff lounge ready to teach you all about a great new app you can use with your students. If you're interested, bring your lunch and join me. You can enjoy your meal while you learn about a new tool to use in your classroom. It's pretty informal, so come for as long as you can!