Potty Training

By: Crystal Williams

Signs Of Readiness

  • Shows interest in using the toilet.
  • Stays dry for periods of 2 hours
  • Complains about dirty diapers
  • Can pull his/her pants up or down
  • Follow directions
  • Sits still

Reasons For Parents To Start Potty Training

  • Having another child
  • Tired of paying money for diapers
  • More time to sleep

Optimal Time

The optimal time is from 1 to 3 years of age, just watch for signs.

Muscle Control

Helps regulate themselves so they don't pee themselves and understand when it's time to use the restroom


Them being able to pull up and down their pants is important because it shows being able to use the bathroom alone


Encouraging your child is important because when you do your child will have a since of accomplishment and will want to do it more.

What Comes First: Bowel or Bladder?

Bowel typically precedes bladder.
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