Boston Inquiry

Why is this important to me?

Inquiry Based Learning

  1. The Boston trip is right around the corner. Do you know why we choose to visit Boston for our fifth grade field trip? Your child is now beginning an Inquiry Based Learning Project to answer that question. Yes, Boston is filled with exciting historical landmarks, cool places to shop and great restaurants but there is much more to discover on our trip! Inquiry Based Learning places your child in charge of their learning process. The essential question for this project is, "Why are the landmarks, history and geography of Boston important to me?". The essential question guides the students throughout the inquiry process and helps refocus students when necessary.

I Wonder..........

Student success is dependent upon their interest in the topic. If a child does not care about why we visit Boston, then they will not fully engage in the Inquiry process. Next week your child will begin the Inquiry process in the Library Media Center. Multiple sources of information on our topic will be presented to students to simply view, interact with, discuss and question. Through this interaction, students begin to find pieces of information that are relevent to their own lives, make connections to prior experiences and knowledge, and spark their interests.

Moving Forward......

You will recieve updates as your child works their way through the Inquiry process. I will be adding more Boston resources to the Library Website. Please feel free to access the databases and the websites to share in the Inquiry process with your child at home.