Mary Firestone

There are different Tigers around the world.There are Siberian tigers and rear golden and white tigers.Now lets get to the extinct tigers there are Bail tigers and javan tigers one more extinct tiger is one that i also like is the caspian tiger. the modern tigers we have today is the bengal tiger and the Indochinese tiger,malayan tiger,Sumatran tiger,Siberan tiger,South Chian tiger.So that is about the tiger book it is a very good book you should read it and also help save tiger species make a law not to kill tigers!!!!!!! Help save tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My name is Evan I love ice cream and animals.

They are my favorite things in the whole wide world.

My most favorite animal is the Siberian tiger as you can see.

Also my favorite color is black and purple.

Now you know about me.