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By: Imani Brown

Soul Surfer

This book shows how Bethany Hamilton has surfing in her blood. This book tells you from her perspective how you use her faith and the drive to be the best surfer she can be. the story is a tragedy that became a true blessing to make her the best she could be.
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Top Ten List

Quote-" If life hands you lemons, make lemonade."Response - Life is what you make it , when life gives you problems you make the best of it.

Quote-" God knows all those answers, and sometimes he lets you know in this life." Response- Sometime you have to wait patiently for god's blessing and have to just pray that everything will work out fine.

Quote-" God is worthy of our trust and to show him that you can go on and do wonderful things in spite of terrible events that happen." Response- God puts obstacles in our way so that we can learn from them.

Quote- " Take the advice and try to shake it off so that you can focus on what is ahead." Response- You have to try to take criticism and just try better next time. You don't always have to do the best every time you do something in life.

Quote- " You make your own adventure." Response- You have make to make thing happen on your own. Life can be a adventure as long as you do it on your own.

Quote- " Be open to your surroundings" Response- Being open to your surroundings because you never know whats gonna happen.

Quote- " You have to get up and go to work and still have time to be a kid." Response- Even though Bethany Hamilton had to deal with being bitten by a shark she still made time for her surfing and to be a kid.

Thematically Speaking

The theme of this novel was mainly a autobiography about how Bethany Hamilton dealt with her struggle after the tragic accident. The theme of this story was that terrible things happen, but you shouldn't give up on what you love. One moment that happened in the story is when she started talking about how she became calm after the attack. She was explaining how she had to deal with no knowing if she will ever get to surf again. The second moment is that she began to get the hang of balancing on the board. The third moment is that she had to learn how to be famous and she couldn't just be a regular kid any more she had to deal with all the publicity and had challenges along the way but found a way to deal with them.


This is going to be a best seller because it shows how Bethany had to deal with the tragedy that happened to her. This book shows how god helped her get through the shark attack.She try to be very self-determined and her spirit is always bright.The story is tale of courage and faith that this girl has to share with the world. This would be a great best seller because it based on a true story and its has a lot of quotes that I can relate too. I could really relate to this story because she used her faith to get her through her challenges. I pray everyday that i will make good choices in everyday life.
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