DO you want to be a citizen?

how to be a citizen

How to be a citizen!!

Do you want to be citizen. Well you ask the right person. who told you. Please remind me to thanks hem. OK lets go. To be a citizen you have a lot of thing first if your are not born in the us so you are not a citizen but you have a back up your parents if they are born in the us great you are a citizen but if you parent are not born in the us you are in trouble so you have to talk a test. next you have to be least have to be 18 to talk a test but a nothing way is to serve military for least one year. last you have good character and speak English pass a test and pass a interview then must take an oath of allegiance swearing loyalty to the u.s and our constitution see you ask the right person after all!


so you came back for more detail so let go.Some people get a deep bond with our country I call this feeling patriotism. they get emotional when they hear the national anthem which is called THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER.