Transfer Jumps Into Chasm


One Choice can Transform You

In Divergent by Veronica Roth, the theme "one choice can transform you" portrays throughout the book. In the beginning, each teenager will have to choose "fraction" they want to belong to. A fraction is a place in the city where every fraction is dependent on for a certain task. For Beatrice, she chose a different fraction to start a new life. This simple choice separated her from her family, friends, and her lifestyle. When she first enters the compound of Dauntless (the chosen fraction) she changes her name to Tris, thinking to herself "A new place. A new name. I can be remade here." Elaborating this, she wanted to leave her old, plain past to a newer, exciting future of Dauntless. When being almost meeting death, the boy who almost threw her over a pit had asked for Tris' forgiveness. "Somewhere is a girl who tries to understand what people are going though, who accepts that people do evil things and that desperation leads them to darker places than they ever imagined... But if I saw her, I wouldn't recognize her." This shows that she is contrasting her older self to her new, Dauntless personality, which in fact, did change her perspective and additude a lot.

Don't Believe What You See

In the beginning of the book, Beatrice, a sixteen year old girl is going though a process where she could choose to either stay in her fraction or choose a new one. Traveling in a train to go to Dauntless, her chosen fraction, she meets a girl named Christina, a girl that chose Dauntless as well. A test of bravery, Beatrice jumps off a roof onto a netted pit, where she renames herself as Tris, meeting her instructor, Four. During their first stage of practice, Tris meets the rest of the teenagers who also chose Dauntless. There she meets Peter, Drew, and Molly. These three had the most grudge against Tris. She also meets Will and Al, who (along with Christina) became her closest friends. Throughout the training, she meets a leader named Eric, who is a ruthless leader and only cares about how the fraction is appeared to look like. Tris is put through trials where she was facing death more than once. The first ranking of the new transfers appear, and a boy named Edward is on top, Peter next. The following night, Edward is being sent a message by having his eye missing. Trials and lessons go by and another ranking appears, Tris on the top, Peter in the middle. The following night, Tris is captured by the voices of Peter and Drew, also Al. She was almost thrown into the chasm, but was saved by Four. Four then announces to Tris his true feelings about her and she falls in love for him. The next day, Al begs for forgiveness the next day, but Tris threatens him. That night, he threw himself into the chasm, killing himself instantly. Because Al has been out of the ranking, another series of trials had to be performed officially. The leaders also had to view everyone's fear landscape(a place where all fears are placed inside of the subconscious mind), viewing Tris and Four's love for each other. All of Dauntless was then ejected with a liquid, including Tris. Everyone wakes up one night and appears to be sleepwalking, except for Tris, who was understanding what happened. She was a part of an unknown fraction called Divergent which fought against the ejected liquid. She and Four (whose name is officially Tobias) figured out that Dauntless and Erudite (another fraction) was going to war against Abnegation, a fraction where Tris and Tobias was born into. The both of them team up with Marcus, Tobias' violent father, Caleb, Tris' brother, and Peter to find the code to stop all of Dauntless and to stop the war.

Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is from a small Chicago suburb. She studied at Northwestern University, learning about creative writing. Currently writing the third book to her Divergent Trilogy, she likes to spend her free time looking up Wikipedia pages