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We are what we believe we are.~ C.S. Lewis

Happy Friday!

Hello All!

"Become a student of your students!" ~Manny Scott, Freedom Writer

I am off campus Friday to be in College Station with my Aggie for her Ring Day! Whoop! Very proud Mama!

I am occasionally going to add a link to an article or video that is relevant to our work. Check out Carol Dweck: Praise vs. Mindset below.

Please have a editor read your newsletter prior to sending out to catch grammatical errors. I am the Queen of them.... that's why I love Rhonda!

I have 2 more SMORE's available.... who wants them?

Please add to your newsletters that we are changing Spirit Day to Monday for Students to wear their Spirit Wear. This is a change from Friday's. This way they can wear theirs' when we wear ours!

Continue to email me pictures and a blurb about things happening in your classroom. I can post them to Facebook really quick for you... parents are loving seeing what their kids are doing at school!

When preparing your newsletters, remember to promote Ready Rosie to your parents as "homework" to do with their children. Encourage them to sign up!

Please invite me to visit your classroom. I enjoy seeing all the fun things you are doing and hate to miss anything special. I also don't mind being a guest reader anytime you need one!

Coming Up:

Monday, Sept. 19 Outdoor Learning Center (MPR)

Monday, Sept. 19 SPED Training @ 3:30 (Activity Rm)

Tuesday, Sept. 20 Outdoor Learning Center (MPR)

Tuesday, Sept. 20 Mobile Classroom

Wednesday, Sept. 21 SPED Training @ 11:30 (MPR)

Wednesday, Sept. 21 Team Leader @ 3:30

Thursday, Sept. 22 Beaty Family Picnic @ 11:15 (Long Shorts, Jeans/Spirit Wear are Ok)

Happy Birthday!

Vickie Wagner 9/22

Kaye Mutchler 9/25

Irene Andrade 9/27

Angela Adame 9/28

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Best wishes!


Praise vs. Mindset

Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Mindsets

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

Sharon and Daniela, thank you for helping me organize the chaos and make our classroom functional. I appreciate your flexibility too! Jennifer N.

To everyone for getting to duties on time! Woo hoo! Keep it up! Rachel

South Playground friends – A huge THANK YOU for being adaptable when our playground was rendered useless. ~ Jennifer N.

Thank you N5 for coming up with a great idea of a way to share the North Playground while we wait on repairs!

To Gonzales, Taylor and Daigneault: I am so happy to be working with you and grateful for all our awesome teamwork!!!:-) Rachel

Thank you Bridgette for taking care of some of my parents! You’re the best!! ~ Shadi

I appreciate Flor Santiago for being so welcoming to our families, incredibly organized, and an amazing co-worker and friend. You are a real superhero!~ Jan

We are blessed to have Jessica Flores volunteering at Beaty. She is so kind and loving with our students, and her dedication is awesome! I especially appreciate her help this week with babysitting our students during Mobile Classroom. ~Jan

Yadira, thank you for being so giving of your time to help with the Mobile Classroom babysitting. I appreciate your kindness to our students and their families. ~Jan

Kari Parma, Mysti Lecrone, Cindy Kellogg, Gaylon Anderson, Sonia Galceran, Sydney Gantzer – Thank you for being a part of the technology committee and for all your ideas! – Coleen

Marta – thank you for all your hard work and remembering things I don’t! – Coleen

Amanda – Thank you for being flexible while I’m assessing! – Coleen

Thanks Jasper for fixing the font on the label maker! Our new labels are going to look fabulous! ~ Andrea