Storm Front

by Jim Butcher

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Being a Private investigator is hard work. Being a wizard, fighting things that would scare just about any living thing? More so. Being a wizardly private investigator in a modern day Chicago? Almost impossible. Harry Dresden, your friendly neighborhood investigative wizard, does it all. Storm Front is the first of the Dresden Files series, and it kicks the series off in an explosive way. Harry goes from an investigation on a missing husband and multiple magical murders, to discovering and thwarting a giant magical drug trafficing ring, all while having a homocidal White Council parol officer chase him down at every turn just itching to slice his head clean off. Oh, and defending himself from acid spitting frog demons, and very nosy paranormal reporters.

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Personal Review

Personally, I believe this to be a great book in an incredible series. Every page is detailed to allow for people to understand the concept, yet not boring in the slightest. One could read a description that could be a page long, and actually enjoy it. Jim Butcher's writing style breaks away from the normalcy of everyday books, bringing in many twists, allowing it to be a horror, mystery, fantasy, fiction adventure, as well as a classic Noire build. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a book that they simply cannot put down.