Ms. Erickson's Classroom Snippet

Take a Peek into our Week!

February 9-13th

Here is what we are learning and enjoying in our classroom this week...

Math: In math we will begin a unit of study on area. We’ll use concrete models to show and find the area of a rectangle.Students will work with tangrams to decompose 2-D shapes by cutting or dividing the shape to find and identify a new shape. We will create 2D shapes based on given attributes.

Reading: Our focus in reading workshop: how to determine the meaning of an unknown word by using context clue strategies. We will also be introducing synonyms and antonyms.

Writing: There are two types of fiction stories 2nd graders will learn to write: realistic fiction and imaginative fiction. This week we will focus on realistic fiction. Students will learn to create stories about real people, placing them in current day settings, and giving them a problem to try to solve in a believable way.

Science: This week, we will continue our study on weather. Students will understand how weather affects people’s activities and what they wear. Later in the week students will learn about natural hazards such as, floods, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes along with the cause and effect relationship. Daily students will record the weather in their weather log.

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: between, drink, giving, left, part, ran, start, way

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.


We will be celebrating Valentines in the afternoon on Friday, February 12th.

Students will enjoy a small snack, bingo game and will spend the majority of the party opening and reading their Valentine cards. If students had a box from last year they can re-use it for this year. However, if your child needs a new Valentines holder, I ask that your child decorate a gift bag instead of a box because it has a larger opening at the top to insert the cards and treats. Students need to bring their valentine boxes or bags and completed cards by Thursday, Feb. 11th.

To prepare for this event, please make sure that your child creates a valentine card for each person in our class. If you choose to provide an extra treat, I encourage you to provide something small that is not candy. We have many students that have dietary restrictions towards candy.

(Examples: Dollar Store Delights - mechanicle pencils, fun erasers and eraser topers, stamps, stickers etc)

Here is our class list to assist your child in this process:

Boys: Ezra, Sathvik, Manaaz, Chase, Arnav, Ishan K., Ishaan M. Luke, Slade, Bowen

Girls: Giovanna, Shaelyn, Chandrika, Kyungeun, Nicole, Mia, Prajna, Audrey, Mariana, Meagan, Avani and Ms. Erickson

Upcoming Events

Fun Fact: Next week is National Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Friday Feb 12th & Feb. 15th- Ms. Erickson will be away from the classroom for District Meeting.

Friday, February 12th - Valentine's Party

Friday, Feb 12th - Six Flags Reading Logs are Due (So I can enter before my departure.)

Monday, February 15th - Students will NOT have school!

Friday, Feb 26th - Assembly

Friday, Feb 26 - PTA Movie Night in the Evening

March 11 - Class Picture and Spring Individual

March 14-18 Spring Break - No School for Students

Celebrating Birthdays

This message is from the library. The following link and form is about having your child participate in Birthday Book Club:

Happy Birthday to our February Birthday!

Chandrika - 11th

Manaaz - 14th

Mariana - 19th