By: Raul G., Jada W., D'Andre C.


  • The nick name of France is "Hexagon"
  • Quote-"The French have no problem of Identity. They know who they are and can't imagine wanting to be like anybody else.
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France's Regions

Northern France

  • Attracts tourism, such as the Eiffel Tower
  • The City of Lille is an important Industrial Center
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Southwest France

  • Goods produced are wine and grapes
  • Bordeaux has the best reputation for best wine
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Southern France

  • 2 types of mountains; The Alps and The Massif
  • The mountain ranges are rugged
  • Issue with the Alps is that the valleys were too far apart and then a highway tunnel was put through it

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The Mediterranean

  • The Riviera attracts millions of tourist for warm climates and beaches for swimming
  • Cities; Cannes, Nice, and Saint Tropez
  • Marseilles is the busiest seaport and most active in western Europe
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East France

  • Rhine River forms a border between them and Germany
  • Resources are iron ore and coal
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France's History


  • France was once known as Gaul by the Romans in the time of their conquering
  • Charlemagne was the king of France who controlled most of western Europe
  • Germany invaded France in WW2 but the U.S. helped fight back

Language and Culture


  • The language of France is French
  • French became the language due to the kings declaring that to be the main language
  • Dialect, variation of a language, is used in French
  • The French Academy is a group who preserve the French language
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Cultural Identity

  • Impressionism is a form of art that is supposed to leave an impression on you
  • A French artist is Claude Monet
  • Paris is the cultural center of France
  • An art museum in France is The Louvre
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France Today


  • France has tried to improve their economy by establishing national planning programs
  • France has also tried to from new Free Trade Agreements with neighbors
  • France and the U.S relationship was strained due to France taking military actions against Iraq
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