World Religion Project: Judaism

Noemy Cervantes, Citlali Aldama, Madison Mouton, Max Corbett

What is the most important belief in this religion? Why do they believe that?

The most important belief are the Thirteen Principles of Faith. They also believe in their god, (their creator). Their god actually made the Thirteen Principles of Faith. The principles say what people are expected to do in order to be a Jew. If people do not follow the principles they will be punished, but sometimes if they do good they will be rewarded. Sometimes they believe in this because they want to learn about the religion or be part of it, but most of the time they are born into the religion. God is their creator so they believe in him.

What makes the believers of this religion want to follow its teachings or teachings of its prophets?

The main reason people in Judaism follow the teachings is because they want to be closer to god. They devote themselves to pleasing him. They pray three times a day and on Fridays they do Shabbat where they give thanks to him, read the Torah, and eat the holy bread. Also, people might want to follow it because they want to learn all the different things they do and their beliefs. They might also just be born into the religion and they need to learn the history to know about their religion.

How do extremists in this religion justify their actions against nonbelievers? Or how does this religion justify its actions against nonbelievers?

There are some extremists in this religion. Some Jews have even killed nonbelievers. Examples: Eden Natan- Zada killed four nonbelievers. Also, Baruch Goldstein killed twenty-nine Muslim worshippers inside the Ibrahimi Mosque because of religious differences. But, they also justify their actions against nonbelievers by letting them join if they want to even though they were not born into the religion. Even though they let them be in their religion, they do not convince or make people be in their religion. If people want to be in the religion, they can.

Current Event in Judaism

One current event in this religion that has been going on ever since the begging of the religion is for the control of Jerusalem. The fight for Jerusalam started around 4500 BC. The city has been besieged 23 times, attacked 52times, amd recaptured 44. Islam and Christianity both also claim the city is theirs. Jews claim it is theirs because they believe it is their promised. Also King David conquered the city. This event could negatively affect the religion because it could make others angry at Jews and this may cause hatred in communities.

Art work that represents the religion

"Moses with the tablets of the Law" was made by Rembrandt in 1659. It represents Moses reserving the tablets with the laws that god gave him. The tablets furnish copious suggestions and amplifications. God gave him two tablets corresponding to the natural coupling of pairs, like husband and wife, etc. God also, later, revealed the first five books in the Hebrew bible to Moses. The bibles show what the Jewish are expected to do and how Judaism came to be.
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Song from religion: "Jerusalem"

Rebuild the temple and the crown of glory

Years gone by, about sixty

Burn in the oven in this century

And the gas tried to choke, but it couldn't choke me

I will not lie down, I will not fall asleep

They come overseas, yes they're trying to be free

Erase the demons out of our memory

Change your name and your identity

Afraid of the truth and our dark history

Why is everybody always chasing we

Cut off the roots of your family tree

Don't you know that's not the way to be


Explanation: They believed that in the future they would build the temple and it would become the center of worship. In their religion, King David is a very important part, one of their main symbol is the Star of David. It also says that they are scared, running away from people that chase them, and that they want to erase their identity and history. What it means is that a lot of people, like the Nazis, are chasing the Jews and killing them because of their religion. It also says that in the Holocaust they were killed by being thrown alive in human sized ovens and also put in a room where they put a certain gas that would kill them.