World War II

By: Bella

This article is all about people and countries that were in the war

How it all started

Words or names that are bold can be found in the dictionary/ biography. The treaty of Versailles held German and Austria Hungary responsible of the whole act, Germany had no other choice but to take away military forces from Rhineland and destroy all of its aircraft such as planes. The person who mainly caused the war was Adolf Hitler.

Pictures of different countries

Biography/ dictionary

Adolf Hitler: Was the cause of WWII and was Germany's chancellor, leader, and general.

WWII: WWII (World War Two) was a depressing war with many events occurring during the war.

Germany: One of the axis along with Japan and Italy.

Japan: one of the axis and today is well-known for its high tech and nicknamed "Land of The Rising Sun".

Italy: One of the axis, Italy is well known for its food and art, and is nick named "Lo Stivale" otherwise known as "The Boot".

Axis: The axis is the US's enemy

Allied power: The allied power was the US's team