Black Footed Ferret

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friendly facts about Black Footed Ferrets

Facts About The Black Footed Ferret

Here are some facts about the Black Footed Ferret. It is called the Black Footed Ferret because it has black feet. The Black Footed Ferret looks like it has a black bandit mask on.It is twenty inches long

Why they are endangerd

The black Footed Ferret is endangered because it is losing its food and because of native dieseases ,habitat loss,and people that are building on their land. The Black Footed Ferret needs a reintroduction site.


Black Footed Ferrets spend about 90 percent of their time under ground where they eat, sleep, and raise young Black Footed Ferrets in Prairedog burrows. Black Footed Ferrets are nocturnal and leave the burrow at night to hunt for Prairedogs

I love digging

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What can be done to help this animal?

Help the Black Footed Ferret by trying not to destroy their environment which is the grasslands. You could also try not to eat their food

where my animal lives...

My animal lives in the middle of the Prairedog colony sometimes he is in the Rocky Mountain Region of North America.

Here's my family

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give us a new home

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