Wild life conservation

Did you know that millions of animals are being illegally killed are poached each year. every animal that is killed legally another one is killed illegally. Poachers are taking out about 10,000 elephants each year. Also, rain forest are getting taken out, and that is killing tens of thousands of animals. Another animal that is endangered is the mountain gorilla. People are killing them illegally and there are only about 700 left. That is why we need to stop poaching and taking out rainforest to save the animals.

Dedicated to protecting the worlds remaning primates big and small.

IPPL has ben protecting and saving primates since 1973. They have saved primates from cancer. Also, they save apes from being transported from country to country. They are brutally abused while they are transported and IPPL helps save them from that.

How you can help.

Their are many ways to donate to IPPL. One way is that you can donate money that will go to the primates at the sanctuary in South Carolina, but it will also go to other primate organizations all over the world. Also, you can adopt a gibbon. A gibbon is a type monkey and you can give $15 or $25 for it to be in a good sanctuary in South Carolina.
Profile of the International Primate Protection League
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