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2020-2021 - Edition 2 - Volume 3

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Spring Break Edition

A Newsletter for Bobcats by Bobcats

Welcome Back Bobcats!

The care challenge for this week is…

Help Someone with Spring Cleaning

Where Are You Going For Spring Break?

By: Adam Feiler, 3rd grade

Where Are You Going For Spring Break?

No Matter What You're Up To Have Fun!

Below Is A Link To A Google Form Where You Can Tell

Everybody What You Are Doing For Spring Break!

Let's Look at Spring!

Aadya Posam, 3rd Grade

Sorry about missing last week’s issue. Let's hope this amazing article will make up for that. Let’s spring into Spring! Spring is a time of new beginnings and happy endings. But why is it called Spring in the first place? Well, I kind of gave it away. Spring gets its name from the verb “spring.” It’s because of flowers and bugs springing open, bursting open, and springing into full-bloom. Spring started getting called Spring in the 14th Century. It started off as springing time, but later got shortened to Spring, as we now know it today. Antonio Vivaldi decided the names of all four seasons, including spring. While the start of Spring itself is a holiday, there are many more, such as April Fools day, Easter, Patriot’s day, Earth day, Cinco de mayo, Holi (Festival of Colors), National Teacher’s day, and Memorial Day. How many of these do you celebrate at your house, neighborhood, or classes? Do you have parties? That’s great! Have a wonderful day Bobcats!

Ten Things to do During Spring Break

By Vraj Shah, 4th grade

  1. Read a book

  2. Write a poem

  3. Draw a picture

  4. Spend some time with your family

  5. Watch a movie

  6. Take a bike ride

  7. Draw kind chalk on your neighborhood sidewalk

  8. Play with your sibling or friend

  9. Learn something new

  10. Make a board game

You could also play a game of Backyard Bingo:

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Staying Anchored - Amerman’s 2021 School Board Presentation

This past Tuesday, March 23rd Amerman was asked to give a presentation to the School Board. Every school gives a yearly presentation celebrating their school. Amerman has much to celebrate this year, even as crazy as it has been. If you have not had a chance to watch the video, here it is. Thanks to all our Bobcats for being caring, kind and helping us meet our Big Rock goals this year.

Till we see you again Bobcats!

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