High School Observations

Nichole Everett

My Thoughts

As I did my High school observation hours I couldn’t help but think back to when I was in high school. I found myself remembering many things and comparing today to a couple of years ago. Things haven’t really seemed to change too much. I did my observation hours in Garden City Kansas, about an hour away from my hometown.

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The Set Up

At this high school there is 8 class periods in a day. & regular classes and a seminar class. The seminar class allows for students to get homework done and get help from teachers. I had advisory in high school that was very similar and i feel that it is so beneficial to students. Like most high schools each student has their core classes such as English, math, science and social studies. Along with the core classes, each student also has several electives that they take. Some of the electives include art, music, and welding.

The students get four minute passing periods and of course a lunch.

The class and the Teacher

I observed a U.S. History teacher. The day that I was in observing the class was taking notes for the majority of the class period. I was actually very surprised at how respectful this class was. I remember my classes always being so loud and disruptive during note taking. I loved how the teacher was interactive with the students as they took notes. She asked many questions and made sure they were engaged in the conversations. I really liked observing this teacher and she made it enjoyable. I liked how she wasn't too strict on the students like I remember some of my teacher being. She allowed minimal talk as long as the tasks were being completed.

I also really liked that the notes weren't all taken from a PowerPoint. She had a PowerPoint slide up, but instead of having every bit of information on it, she wrote on the board and opened up a lot of discussion as well.

She was so patient and made beneficial conversations with the students as the rest finished up their notes.

In the high school setting you notice more cliques than you do in middle school. Even when a class is taking notes, it easy to observe and see what kids talk to each other and what kids are kind of left out.

What i learned

From observing at high school I learned that it takes patience to be a high school teacher. High school teachers have to ignore the rue comments and deal with so much immaturity. Although it was very organized and the students were respectful I have still learned and realized that I want to teach at the elementary level.