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Text messaging is comparatively very popular when compared to other modes of communication. When you are in a meeting or a seminar, then we know that no one is allowed to take a call even if it an important one. This is normal human behaviour that has to be followed. People do not want to be disturbed when they are discussing something important. Not only it disrupts the thought process but also takes away peace of mind, especially in a seminar. Most of the participants have to prepare in advance to be ready for such events. This is the main reason that those who want to communicate in such a setting have to use text messaging as an alternative way of communicating with others.

Businessmen attending a conference; use this technique, when the need becomes unavoidable. India send SMS to your business partners when they are looking for specific information on a project to continue work. This is important because information is everything that makes a business run. Information plays the key factor for the top management to take the right decisions at the right time. Text messaging is not only cheaper than making a call but you also have a record of what you have sent to your partner. It can be used in the court of law as proof if any court case comes up.