Thursday Brief

January 15, 2020

Island Bus Routes

Thank you bus rider teachers (and teachers) for your diligence making sure our students got safely to their new locations. I appreciate that you always take your job and the students safety seriously and before your needs to just hurry and get back inside. Seriously, you all rock!!!


UIL is on Saturday, February 15th. We are in charge of running the Music Memory contest this year. Mrs. Williams will give you a very short training. We need at least 4 volunteers to run this but 6 would be amazing! If you can help the hours on that Saturday would be 9:30-11:30. We would provide you a FREE volunteer shirt and there are free meals and snacks provided :).

TAMUCC SUPCE Conference April 25th

Texas A&M is having their annual School and University Partnership Conference for Education (SUPCE) on Saturday, April 25th.

I will hang flyers in the lounges and office if you are interested in attending. You can also just go to SUPCE.TAMUCC.EDU if you want to sign up to attend.

They are also looking for break out presenters! If you are interested in presenting to the the same site.

SUPCE Website Click Here

Click here to present or attend the SUPCE conference on April 25th.

Parent Involvement Conference

Still looking for parents to attend this. See the flyer. If you could ask your parents if they would like to go to contact me, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!

Lemonade Day

If you are interested in doing Lemonade Day lessons with your class, please email me and I will email you the spreadsheet for the materials.

** It is a lot earlier this year. It is on April 25th.

Calendar Addition-Internet Safety

Mrs. V and I will create a calendar, but we will be having the Children's Advocacy Center coming out to do a 30-40 minute presentation to our students about Internet Safety. I'm also trying to get a parent session sometime before.

Please add the following dates:

February 19th & 20th to your calendars for this.

Resource Fair

The ECC, Primary, and Elementary will host a Resource Fair for parents on February 8th. This is the flyer. Please share with your parents. I will as well.


Here is the rotation for next week. Please double check and let me know if you see any concerns.

If you asked me about the T.H.I.N.K sign please email me. I cannot remember who asked!!!

From Mrs. Villarreal

*I will be hosting the Anchored for Life annual training in my office tomorrow, 1/16/20. This will be from 8-2,so if you have any student emergencies, please refer them to the office.

*Remember to invite me or other administrators to your RtI meetings. If you are considering referring a student for testing, an RtI meeting is necessary and information supporting the referral should be entered in DMAC, including testing accommodations.

*I will be GT testing in April, but I wanted you to start thinking about students you will be referring. Remember, the testing is a two day, all day event. I give two tests, and each is timed. Testing accommodations are usually not allowed for these tests. I will be asking for referrals in February.

*Keep in mind some of the qualities of a GT student: Highly developed curiosity; excellent memory; rapid learner; able to put thoughts together quickly; interest in experimenting and doing things differently; idealism and sense of justice; advanced comprehension of metaphors, abstract ideas, and word nuances; can solve number puzzles and number patterns quickly; and can think in an abstract, complex, and logical manner. These are just a few characteristics to consider before you refer. Last year, I tested over 100 students (mostly 3rd graders) and not a lot qualified. GT is more than just good grades. They are also expected to keep up with the challenges and rigor of the GT curriculum. Just something to consider.

From Cristan

504 Students – Now that testing is complete, please review student’s current accommodations. If additional accommodations are needed, or not needed, please contact parent and let me know of changes needed.


We couldn't get the HS field on our date, so we changed dates. The Fun Run will be on Friday, February 28th.

We will kick off on Monday, 17th in cafeteria at 8am.

Teacher meeting for Fun Run on January 30th at 3:15.

Videos for Fun Run on announcements February 17-27.

(P2 videos will have to be shown at a different time during your day if you choose, I will just send you the links. Traits-Social Intelligence & Enthusiasm)

Music Program for Second Semester: Very Important 4th Grade Teachers-REMINDER!!!

Mrs. Williams will only have 6 weeks to teach and put on the programs for Texas Public Schools Week. It will be very important for her to have the lab kids at TLC to teach the songs because this will be the ONLY time they can become familiar with them. Also, Tutoring pull-outs during this first six weeks during music time should be avoided. Since she only see them twice a week it is very difficult for them to learn the songs up to performance level if they are not present.

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Positivity Project Week 17 PERSEVERANCE

I will have to send this later.

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayJanuary16Michelle AtkinsonBirthday

FridayJanuary17Inservice DayNo Students


MondayJanuary20Martin Luther King DayWeather Day-No Students

WEdnesdayJanuary22Angela ClarkBirthday

Tuesday-FridayJanuary21-24Good Choice Jumping World

Sunday-SaturdayJanuary26- Feb 1stSupporting Others When they StruggleP2 (OPM)

January 17th: Nancy Tyler is back!!!!!


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Oral Administration Guidelines-Reminder



Please upload your pictures by when they were taken. This seems to be the easiest way for me to organize them into groups for the yearbook. I've given up on slideshow becasue very limited number of teacher upload picutres monthly. BUT my first yearbook deadline is quickly approaching and I NEED YOU TO UPLOAD THE PICTURES YOU HAVE NOW!!!!



**YOU HAVE THE PICTURES IN .JPG FORMAT (NOT .HEIC-this is the format many iphones use-follow directions below for conversion or to avoid taking in this mode.)

Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible (see attached video). This will relieve you of the conversion step.

Or watch this 30 second video.


The folders above and additional "year long folders" like Watch Dogs, Jazzy Bees, P2 Project are here.