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AIESEC at Ohio State

My name is Emma Goilo, I am the Vice President of Outgoing Exchange at AIESEC Ohio State. I am reaching out as you have created an account on our opportunities website, opportunities.aiesec.org. This is a flier outlining our products and the next steps you should take. I have also included my contact info, please email me with any questions!

I can't wait to send you abroad this summer.

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Next Steps:

1. Complete your profile fully.

2. Apply to opportunities, note our website will not let you apply unless you application is complete.

3. Attend AIESEC office hours- a info flyer will be sent out soon.

4. An AIESEC member from your prospective country will contact you to set up an interview.

5. Sign an acceptance note.

6. Pay the fee.

7. Go abroad!

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