Emma's Project

The Whipping Boy


When he returns to the sewers, Jemmy feels different than his friend. Jemmy has lived in the castle, and he knows how to read and write. Describe a time when you felt different. How did you handle it? What did it feel like?


I hadn't seen one of my friends in a very long time, and when I saw her again she seemed completely different she had new friends, and it felt like she had a whole different personality but then one weekend, I had her over for a sleepover, and she asked why we hadn't seen each other for so long and in the end we had a blast and still see each other often....


all of the baskets on my ride have an emotion that Jemmy most likely felt during the story and at the bottom there is a speaker that makes noises like yelling leaves crunching from people running a bears roar and cracks of a whip anyway the baskets are going around and around and up and down and THAT IS MY WHIPPING BOY RIDE
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