Smooth Start!!!

September Reminders For a Great Year

Greetings Families,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We had a super smooth first week of school and we are looking forward to continuing that trend. Your child's teachers wasted no time getting into subject matter content. By the end of this week, we expect student laptops to be deployed to all students. Also, your child's teachers are beginning to know your child as a student, so if you have specific needs or concerns, now is a good time to reach out to our staff.

This newsletter has important information about help for those impacted by hurricanes, agenda usage, 7th grade shots, dress code, late policy, PE/Band/AVID information, and more. Please read all the way through it so you are well informed.

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Mr. Cole, Mrs. Laurence, and Mr. Ehmann

Help for Houston!!!

JCMS is partnering with Farm Bureau Insurance to transport hurricane and flood relief items to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We will be collecting toiletries, baby items, school supplies, blankets, tarps, cleaning supplies, bug spray, bedding, buckets, mops, brooms, generators, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, pet supplies and pet food,, canned food items, and toiletry items to share with those impacted.

We will also be adopting an AVID middle school there in Humble, Texas. Humble ISD has not started school yet, but we will publicize their needs soon. We are working with Sally Wagner, whose mother was born and raised in Onslow County.

Student Agendas

Staying organized is a critical skill that we want our JCMS students to develop and maintain as they matriculate through middle school. We teach agenda usage to help them develop time-management skills, build self-advocacy, increase their responsibility and involvement in school activities, and also increase and improve home/school communication.

Our expectations for student agenda usage are:

  • Fill out their agenda for each class/subject
  • No homework is written if no homework is given
  • Color coding and other reminder strategies are encouraged for various tasks
  • Self-monitoring is evidenced as students complete tasks
  • Students track ongoing projects and break them into manageable tasks

Teachers will explicitly tell students, "Write this in your agenda," backwards map major assignments with the class, and model agenda usage in their classrooms. Students will complete agenda checks during their weekly binder checks. Daily family signatures, teacher signatures, or behavioral comments are all optional components and are valuable strategies to support students who struggle with organizational skills.

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Congratulations Mrs. Aldridge!

Mrs. Aldridge, JCMS' 6th grade science teacher, was one of 12 teachers in the nation to be recognized by Honored, a non-profit organization that celebrates teaching. Mrs. Aldridge is a retired marine that felt 'called to teach' after serving our country. We are thrilled that Mrs. Aldridge came home to Onslow County to continue her career.

You can read more about this distinguished award at or in the Sept. 5th JD News article at We are so thankful she has joined our JCMS Knights team!!!

Attention 7th Grade Students, Shots Needed

This message is another effort to notify families that NC requires the Tdap and the MCV shots for all 7th grade students. Documentation for these 2 shots must be presented to the school by September 27, 2019. Beginning September 28th, your child will not be allowed at school without the documentation.

Most of our 7th grade students have already received these shots. However, if your child has not, don't fear. For your convenience, the Onslow County Health Dept. will be coming into the schools this month to give these shots to all students who request them. Shot permission paperwork was sent home on the first day of school. Please return the paperwork by September 11th if you wish to utilize this service. If you need an additional copy of this form let us know. Any questions may be addressed to your school nurse.

Handbook Highlight...Dress Code from pg 10

Student handbooks can be found posted on our website and within the first pages of the agenda. We wanted to highlight the student dress code in this weeks newsletter. Our dress code is in place to encourage our young ladies and gentlemen to keep their minds on school. Please read the guidelines below and let me know if you have any questions.

  • No pajamas, bedroom shoes, slippers, slides or flip flops, are to be worn.
  • Hats, bandanas, headgear, or sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school building by males or females. These items will be confiscated and a parent must pick them up. The hoods on hoodies may not be worn inside the building.
  • Gang writing, lettering, symbols, offensive, obscene, or vulgar words are not to be shown or written on clothing, jewelry, book bags, etc. Any type of gang attire is prohibited. Due to the fact that gang attire changes, the administration in consultation with the School Resource Officer will determine definitions of what is gang-related.
  • The shoulder width of shirts, blouses, or dresses must completely cover undergarments. Students are not permitted to wear spaghetti strap tops/dresses, tube tops, altered shirts, halter tops/dresses, or open back tops/dresses.
  • Shirts must either be tucked in or fall below the belt (waistline) far enough so that when bending or reaching above the head the midriff is not exposed. Net shirts, bare midriffs, see-through shirts or revealing attire is not acceptable.
  • T-shirts and other garments suggestive and/or advertising/displaying alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any illegal substances or activities (such as violence or gun-related imagery) are not allowed.
  • Pants or shorts must be worn at the waistline. Sagging is not permissible! Undergarments must not show. The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses shall be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times when on campus.
  • Jackets, sweaters, or other cover-ups must be worn over any inappropriate attire for the entire day, including lunch and change of classes.
  • Spiked collars, spiked wristbands, any chains (including wallet chains), or other clothing, jewelry, or accessories which could pose a threat to student physical well-being and safety are not permitted. School authorities will confiscate these items.
  • No holes in pants (ripped or torn) are allowed above finger tip length that exposes skin or undergarments. Writing on body parts and clothing is not permitted.
  • If yoga pants, legging or spandex shorts or pants are worn, the shirt should be no shorter than thigh length.
  • Any attire that violates OSHA regulations cannot be worn.

JCMS Late Policy

At JCMS, we want students to be at school and in class on time so they can learn. Beginning this week, the following late policy will be in place.

In the morning, students that receive 3 tardies will receive a warning call from Mrs. Borland stating the next tardy will result in detention. On the 4th tardy and each tardy thereafter, an administrator will call and students will be assigned detention. Students late for class will receive a phone call on the 3rd tardy from the teacher and be assigned detention for each tardy thereafter. We will start student tardy counts back at 0 when we begin the 2nd semester.

Lunch Fees

Parents please help us not rack up lunch charges this school year. Just in the first week of school we have accrued $715.00 in charges. If you have not applied for free or reduced lunch rates, you can do so at . School Meal Prices for the 17-18 school year are $2.25 for lunch, and $1.25 for breakfast.

News From Our PE Teachers...

PE students at JCMS are required to dress in a t-shirt and shorts for gym class. If parents want to purchase gym clothes for their student they can visit to purchase an optional PE uniform. The website will close September 10th at 11:59 PM. The items are inexpensive and this website also serves as a fundraiser for our PE program.

Our PE teachers lock the locker rooms when they are not in use and also monitor locker rooms when students are using them. However, for additional security, students can bring a personal lock and secure their items in a PE locker when they are not in the locker room.

News From Our Band/Orchestra Program...

Band/Orchestra teachers, Mrs. Staley and Mr. Shade are hoping all band and orchestra students will have their instrument and method book by Monday, September 11th. If you are having trouble securing your instrument please contact them.

Our 8th grade band students will play with the Northside High School band at the varsity football game on Friday, September 15th.

AVID Elective Student Contract Signing Event

Our AVID team is inviting AVID Elective students' parents to our contract signing on Thursday, September 14th. 6th & 7th grade students will sign their contract at 12 pm. 8th grade students will sign their contract at 1:15. This event will take place in our media center.

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Upcoming Dates

9/11 Bully Asmbly at NSHS 11:45, 1:15

9/12 Softball at New Bridge 4 pm

9/14 AVID contract signing lunch, 12 pm- 6th & 7th, 1:15- 8th grade

9/15 Cookie Dough kickoff 12:30-3

9/15 8th grade band plays at NSHS football game

9/18 Interim Reports

9/18 Softball at Dixon 4 pm

9/19 lockdown drill 9:15 a.m.

9/19 Football at Dixon 4 pm

9/20 Softball at Trexler 4 pm

9/21 ERPD, students dismissed at 12 pm

9/22 Back to School Dance (PBIS) 3:30-5

9/25 Impact Aid go home

9/26 Football at Trexler 6 pm

9/26 Softball vs. Northwoods Park 4 pm

9/27 Senate Meeting 3:15

9/27 See You at the Pole 7 am at flagpole

9/28 Open House 5-6:30

9/28 Softball vs. Brewster 4 pm

9/29 Cookie Dough money due

9/29 FCA in Gym 3:15-4:30

10/3 Football vs. Northwoods Park 4 pm

10/3 Softball at Swansboro 4 pm at SBMS

10/5 Softball vs. Hunters Creek 4 pm

10/9 Teacher Workday- no school for students

10/10 Interim Reports

10/10 Football vs. Brewster 4 pm

10/10 Softball vs. Southwest 4 pm

10/11 Fall Pictures

10/16 Girls Soccer Tryouts begin

10/16 BT Meeting

10/17 Football at Swansboro 6:30 pm at SBMS

10/19 ERPD

10/23-10/27 Benchmark window

10/24 Football vs. Hunters Creek, 4 pm

10/25 Senate meeting

10/26 Linking to Learning Parent Night 6-7:30

10/27 PBIS 1st 9 weeks celebration

10/27 FCA in Gym, 3:15-4:30

10/30 Wrestling Tryouts begin

10/30- 11/3 Spirit Week

10/30-11/3 CTE benchmark window

10/31 End of Grading pd.