Older Sibilings

story why older sibilings are blamed first

Once upon a time there was a dog named buckles. there was an Australian shepherd with black and white spots. He was a cute dog and he was was very kind to other cats and dogs, that made him the most popular dog.
Buckles had a little brother, Gus. Gus was littler, less liked, .not as fast, or not as strong, and not as fast. Gus did not like that at all, so he thought he would overtake Buckles. Buckles never was mean to Gus, he included him, stood up for him, and way more.Gus always knew that but he still was angry.
A day later Buckles and Gus were playing a game and Buckles won and Gus attacked buckles. Buckles tried to yell at him to stop but Gus didn't while they were fighting there mother came downstairs and made the fight stop. Gus convinced mother that it was Buckles that started it. so she blamed buckles and then buckles got grounded for a month.
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