The Devious Crimes of Friar

*The Tale of the Death of Three, Should be the death of he!*

Friar's Unexpected Plans, Potions and Poisons!

~Cues in Legend of Zelda music~

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The death of Romeo, Juliet and Paris, was at someones fault. But WHO? There's many suspects to choose from, but in all odds Friar Laurence is the one to blame ; his hands has shed the blood of three. He was a crazy crook had, the potions, the poisons and the plans. These potions just laying around, eh? No one will believe that story, but in all honesty what about the poison? Buying poison from an apothecary, sounds very suspicious!! As Paris states in the page, "And here he writes that he did buy a poison of a poor 'pothecary..." (5.3.288-289) Proof, the page states that Friar bought some poison from a random apothecary! Weird enough that he bought it, but it's even more unusual that no one really knows why he did... Maybe Friar anticipated for this to happen...

Friars Laziness

Seriously, if you're going to come up with these crazy plans, make sure it works!

The start of this mess was these words : "Hold, daughter : I do spy a kind of hope, which causes as desperate an execution." (4.1.68-69) This was the start of Friar's crazy plan that came out of no where for desperate Juliet, instead of killing herself. THE PLAN THAT STARTED EVERYTHING!!!!! *EXPLOSIONS*

First reasoning, if Friar wasn't so lazy, maybe everything would of went so much smoother! Instead this insane fiend, decides to always be too late. He was late about the letter to Romeo, he wasn't in the vault fast enough and way too to save the three. If he would got there sooner, he could of calmed Romeo down and explained everything. Though he apologizes, "...Miscarried by my fault,let my old life be sacrificed, some hour before his time, unto the rigour of severest law." (5.3.266-268) Friar is willing to sacrifice himself because of what he has done, what a holy man! But still in the minds some, believes the Friar is not so true as he says he is! Friar Laurence is a problematic man, and caused three corpses lay in the vault of the Capulet's.

I rest my case.....

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Romeo and Juliet love each other very much, this song show's how much affection they show for each other. Romeo and Juliet gave their all to each other, such as the song : ".. And I give all of me and you give all of you. " Their relationship is so strong that they'll risk anything for each other. Romeo always thought of Juliet and Juliet did the same just like : "...My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues..."(John Legend) The balcony scene is proving they think about each other, Romeo went to go see Juliet and Juliet was talking out loud about him.

Juliet started the scene with, "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt no, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet."(2.2.33-36) Her love for Romeo is stronger than the hatred of the feud, she will change her name, or no longer be a Capulet. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN HATRED, and no one or thing will ever change that. Also close to the end of this video they get married, and they live happily ever after. Unlike Romeo and Juliet where their love continued, but the bodies were left behind...meaning they died loving each other.

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