GREAT Student Apps for the ipad

Free Apps you and your students can use in the classroom!


Use this app

  • to create trailers for a book!
  • to create a movie project!

Below is a student's animal research project video using the green screen and then iMovie.

In iMovie we added the transitions, beginning music, kids cheering, and the applause.

Backgrounds were added using the green screen and the Veescope App.

Lion research project using green screen and iMovie!

Stop Motion

This type of stop motion video takes many pictures/frames and puts them together into a video. It is great for using inanimate objects.

Stop motion


Create animated stories!

Very step by step and easy to use for students!


Students can create an avatar, use their own backgrounds, and record their voice to create a short video.
What Is Tellagami?


Very simple for creating mind maps and graphic organizers!

Students can type, draw, and add images



Basically a simple interactive whiteboard with a recording feature.

Students and teachers can use it to teach and learn.

Large storage of lessons on

I love that you can pause your recording. :)


Story Me

Create a collage of pictures

Add captions

Add speech bubbles