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January 2016 Newsletter

Looking Ahead to the New Year!

We have a very exciting year ahead of us! From firsts in the 6th grade with honor band and solo and ensemble to lasts for our 8th graders as they head onto HS band.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Winter Concert. It was the largest crowd EVER and the kids performed wonderfully! We appreciate the many kind emails you sent to let us know how proud and pleased you were with their performances. We are so blessed to work in a community as great as Blanchard!

Also, thank you to everyone for your help with Breakfast with Santa and for coming out the event! It was once again a big success!

Congrats to the new 6th grade band members!

We had a TON of kids from prep band work hard enough to move into 6th grade band and they are doing wonderfully! It's hard to make that jump smooth, but these kids have done great! A big shout out to the "veteran" 6th graders for working to help the "rookies" get caught up and onboard. It's going to be a fantastic group and we're going to have fun and be an awesome band at the same time!

Calendar of Upcoming Events (always available on Charms!)

  • January 15th, All Solo & Ensemble fees due
  • January 18th, No School
  • January 25th-29th, Pass off music for SWOBDA All-Region HB in class
  • January 26th, Band Booster meeting @7pm; HS band room
  • February 5th, Parent-Teacher conferences (directors unavailable)
  • February 5th-6th, All-Region Honor Band; Weatherford
  • February 15th, No School
  • February 19th, Pre-district Contest (7th & 8th grade band)
  • February 21st, Mattress Sale
  • February 27th, District Solo & Ensemble Contest (7th & 8th grade band)

Honor band pass offs & hotel fees

If your student is a member of All-Region an itinerary with information will be sent home as soon as possible. This will be filled with info, so please read it carefully! There is a $25 hotel/dinner fee for All-Region members that is due by the first day of the honor band, February 5th, or anytime beforehand.

All students will need to pass off their honor band music to a director or private lesson teacher in order to attend, so don't delay! The deadline is in the calendar section above.

Solo & Ensemble Deadlines (7th & 8th grade band)

Students wanting to participate in solo & ensemble need to sign up and pay by Friday, January 15th. We will have three large ensembles (woodwind, brass, percussion) that students do not need to pay for in order to participate. Percussionists must participate in the percussion ensemble.

This is a great opportunity for students to work on their own or in small groups! Costs are as follows: Solo - $10; Ensembles of 2-6 - $18 (to be divided equally among the participating members).

If you need some flexibility on the payment deadline, please let me know and we'll make it happen.

Mattress Fundraiser Reminder!

Remember to talk up our upcoming mattress sale! More info will be out soon, but mentioning it now wouldn't hurt. Our sale will be Sunday, February 21st in the HS Commons. We will have a parent meeting before the sale to get you all the info you need to make this a super successful sale for you and your student!

Background checks for volunteers

Please remember that if you didn't fill out your form with Brenda at uniform checkout and get her a copy of your driver's license, you'll need to get that done prior to volunteering. The cost of the background check is $12.50 and is required if you want to work directly with our students. For more information, contact Brenda at

MS Band Students of the Month!

Our Blanchard MS Band Students of the month for January are Meagan Fleck, Hunter Haxton, Jerica Hill, Ashtynn Caldwell, Alyssa Black, Montana Brantley, Isaac Patel, & Jacque Ray!

  • Meagan is in the 8th grade and plays the alto saxophone. Meagan is a wonderful musician and she always takes care of business. When we ask for people who want to play off their audition music she is one of the first people to volunteer every time. Meagan has auditioned for both honor bands that have been available to her. She made 3rd chair in the junior high band for the Shortgrass Honor Band. Meagan also made 2nd chair in the junior high concert band for the SWOBDA Honor Band. Meagan is not only a wonderful musician but she is also a great leader! We love having Meagan in band! Way to go, Meagan!!
  • Hunter Haxton is in the 7th grade and plays the oboe. Hunter is well behaved in class every day. He is also improving tremendously as a musician. Hunter has been in lessons and continues to work on his craft. Hunter has made 1st chair in the 7th grade band for the Shortgrass Honor Band. He has also made 1st chair in the 7th grade symphonic band for the SWOBDA Honor Band. Hunter is doing a great job in band and he continues to push himself to be the best musician he can. We are very proud of how far you have come, Hunter!
  • Jerica moved up from prep band and is now a member of the 6th grade band. She started playing the clarinet in August and has worked so hard that she is caught up to the 6th grade band! She is very quiet, but we notice her everyday in class. She is always listening, paying attention, and applying herself so that she can improve. Her determination to do her best is evident in everything she does, and all of her time practicing at home and at school have paid off. Congratulations on all of your success, and keep up the good work, Jerica!
  • Ashtynn is a 6th grade alto saxophone player. She started playing alto sax in the band this week but has been taking lessons for a couple of months. She saved up her own money to buy her saxophone and has been working diligently in sax lessons while still keeping up with her clarinet playing for class. Finally her determination and hard work were rewarded, as she is now only playing the sax! Not only has she learned a new instrument, but she has also had to go back and learn everything again to catch up with the class. We are so proud of you and all of your efforts, Ashtynn!
  • Alyssa is a percussionist in 5th grade band. She was so excited when she started band she couldn't control herself! She talked all the time and she practically bounced off the walls the minute she came in the door. Once we got her calmed down, she did awesome! She's still very energetic, but she's putting her energy into her music, her counting, and her playing. After class you can almost always find her helping put away stands or chairs as well. It takes a lot of self control to be in band and Alyssa is the champ of refocusing herself towards being her best. We are very proud of you, Alyssa!
  • Montana is in the 5th grade and plays the flute. Montana has come a long way since the beginning of the year. He has been a leader among many and has been a role model for the entire class. Montana practices regularly and shows great enthusiasm for band. Montana also has a great sense of humor and keeps the band laughing. He keeps improving his musicianship daily and asks many questions. Montana is always looking for ways of improving. Keep going, Montana!
  • Isaac is in the 5th grade and plays the clarinet. Isaac is very enthusiastic about learning. He got in lessons towards the beginning of the year and has not stopped improving. Isaac comes to lessons every Thursday ready to go and excited to learn. When we are in class he is well behaved and ready to go. Isaac always lends a hand to those in need in class. Isaac will continue to improve and enjoy every minute of it. Keep being awesome, Isaac!
  • Jacque plays the trumpet in the 5th grade and is super responsible. She is always prepared for class and in the rare instance when she forgets something, she is always honest and forthcoming. She is a leader in her section by playing well and behaving appropriately at all times, plus she has a great attitude! You can tell by how well she plays that she works hard in school and at home on being the best trumpet player she can be. Keep rocking and rolling, Jacque!

How to get credit for your monthly newsletter grade! Due by Friday, January 22nd!

The purpose of the monthly newsletter is to make sure that students and parents are all on the same page and know about all band activities. To get credit, a parent needs to send an email to the Blanchard Band directors that has the following info: student name, grade, parent name, and that the newsletter has been read. This earns you 100%! If you don't have the ability to email, please have your student get a hard copy from a director and it can be signed and returned for the same grade.

Remember, newsletters are only accepted during the month of the newsletter. Once the month has passed, that newsletter can no longer be submitted.

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