A Nation at Risk



Nation at Risk was to help the United States catch up with the rest of some societys. The United States has fell short in a few areas such as content, expectaions, time, and teachers.

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Knowledge, learning, information, and skilled intelligence are the new raw materials of international commerce and are today spreading thruoughout the world.

Benifits and what schools have to do:

The benifits of trying to catch up with other nations is extreme. Such as the United States will have have higher skilled workers. Moreover, Education helps form these common understandings. This will help our country function as a whole. Some of the requirments for schools are that they need to make sure that they are employing the best teachers they can. In addition, they make sure that their teachers are spending enough time on the content and the content is being executed accurately.


Some of the obsticles are people believe that schools will emphasis things like reading and computation at the expense of other essential skills such as comprehension, analysis, solving prolems, and ect.