Unit 10

Deponent Verbs & Augustan Art

To do this week:

In this Unit, you will:

  1. define and apply the definitions of the Unit 10 Vocabulary
  2. identify deponents
  3. recognize and translate deponents
  4. apply all rules of translation
  5. understand Augustan Art

Important News: First Quarter Ends Tuesday 3/24

The first half of the course ends on Tuesday 3/24.

Units 1-7 are part of the 1st quarter.

I will report your grade, but if you have not yet completed units 1-7, please keep working, as I will have the chance to update those grades later!

Let me know when you complete work with 0s, so that I can remove the 0. And just keep swimming!

Deponent Verbs

So what are Deponent Verbs?

Well, they LOOK PASSIVE.


Pay special attention in this unit, and don't forget to add notes about Deponent Verbs to your collection!

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Kudos to Mariah, Rafael, and Savannah, who worked on Latin this weekend!