Are Video games good for you



1 Video games can boost your eyesight. you could be looking for something in the video game.

2 If you are playing a racing game it can help you get better than driving. It will help you know when to shift or press gas or break.

3. It can strengthen your family bond. Like if you are playing a game with your family.

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Helps you with teamwork

1 Video games improve your positive reinforcement. like if you are playing a game that helps you learn your manners.

Video games improve your social life. cause you play by yourself in a video game games help you with teamwork. Like when you need to talk to some one.

3. Video games can keep your heart healthy.

helps you with your eyes

1.. some people with contract video games help their eyes heal.

3. Video games improve your mental abilities.Like if you are playing a game where you need to do math in it.some people with contract video games helps your eyes.

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