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October News


Kindness Matters

Celebrating kindness and the benefits we gain from this core aspect of the human condition is valuable. It reminds us that we are neither alone in our lives nor do we live in a world where goodness is not apparent.

Teaching kids to be kind to everyone, even if they're different, and to stand up to wrong behavior when they see it, turns them into brave and kind adults.

Young children are very egocentric, so it takes great work to help them recognize the needs of others. From the first day of school till the last, teachers create a sense of community in the classroom and help children learn how to share space, care for materials, take turns, and express themselves to others. This is a work in progress but with modeling and a consistent message that is rooted in kindness, it sticks! Here are three easy tips to teach kindness:

  • Teach your children to name and understand their emotions
  • Create opportunities to show interest in other people
  • Volunteer or arrange ways to give back to your community

Picture Day

Picture Day is November 23rd. Information will be sent home soon for prices and packages offered.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on December 6 and 7 in the afternoon. Classroom Teachers will reach out for a specific date and time. This year, conferences will be offered virtual or in-person.

Flu Season Is Upon Us

All preschool students must receive an influenza vaccination by December 1st. Please ask your child's pediatrician to provide written proof that your child has had their flu shot. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Deb Korczukowski: 973-292-2222 ext. 1111

Early Childhood Screenings

Teachers have been administering an early childhood screening to their students, called the Brigance Inventory of Early Development. This is designed to provide information on how a child is performing in 5 key developmental areas: Language, Gross Motor, Academic, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional. Please look out for a follow-up communication from your classroom teacher.

Music Parade

Room 109 put on a music parade with homemade instruments and microphones. They stopped by the office to sing a song written by the class! This group really knows how to make a beat and sing!

Ready Rosie

We are excited to share that we have all of our parents connected with our Ready Rosie program. That's great news as it is a great tool to view ideas and models on how to use little moments throughout the day to create big learning outcomes! We hope you take full advantage of this resource and make all your moments count!

Updates from the CPIS

Home Visits are a vital part of families connecting to school and their child's education. Please fill out the following parent survey that will help us best support your family. Home Visit Survey

Check out upcoming parent events and resources available.

Listening Centers

Enacting, well-engaged listening centers is an effective way to promote early literacy skills such as phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. Listening centers are designed to help children work collaboratively as they listen to oral stories, songs, rhymes, or books through technological means and then engage with what they listened to through exploring, discussing, or creating with others. Sometimes, children look at a written text that matches what they are hearing. Sometimes, they engage solely through listening, talking, and moving. Here is classroom 103 enjoying a story.

November Menus

The school menus are posted on our website each month. Click the link to see what's being served for breakfast and lunch. November Menus

Speaking of food, here is Timmy in room 101 leading the class in an apple tasting activity. What's your favorite apple?

HSA Pumpkin Painting

We hope you enjoyed our HSA Pumpkin Decorating Event. It was a great turnout with many parents, staff, and students. After decorating, the students had fun running around in the field.

A big thanks to our HSA parents, Tara, Vickie, and Meghan for planning and providing the pumpkins!

Thanks To Our Decorators!

We are so thankful for our families at LLC and for all of those that are able to volunteer! This year Nicole, one of our school parents, decorated LLC with some beautiful Fall items. Here is a picture of her daughter Evienne standing by the door #4 entrance showing off her mom's great work!
October Fun at LLC

Native American Heritage Month

Last month staff and teachers celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month through a variety of learning activities in the classrooms. November is Native American Heritage Month, or as it is commonly referred to, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. The month is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people. Help your child enhance their appreciation for history through stories, visiting a museum, or exploring information by learning about an Indian tribe.

Lafayette Learning Center Preschool

LLC is hiring! If you are interested in working with young children and you have the qualifications to be a teacher assistant or an ABS (Applied Behavior Specialist), please reach out to me directly and go to our district website to apply: Morris School District Job Openings