Environment, Society, and Conflict

Sagar Gurung

My Claim for Unit 3 SA

Treating someone unfairly for your own benefits, having dispute over materials that are naturally there, and actions between two big idea systems may cause great conflicts such as war, and fighting.

Real World Examples

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An example of my claim is shown in sand wars. Like when, the business industries take sand to build homes and cities from islands, and that turns out to be unfair to the people of the islands, because their homes are sinking, while others are benefiting from it. Which then starts a competition for natural resources, and two or more ideas and belief interact causing conflicts, or even war.

Application of the claim to my life

No matter what at least one part of the claim occurs in a person life time at least once, Because in our life times we face with being used or using someone for our own benefits, like me using my little brother to do things for me and and in return I do nothing which I know is unfair. we Fight over natural resources such as food, and example from life would be me fighting over the who get the most pizza slice among my two brothers and me. last but not least would be fighting over two big ideas or beliefs, and I feel like I have had this in my life, because one time there was this old racist dude who was saying that all Muslims were terrorist, and even though I am not a Muslim I went with my belief that not all Muslims were terrorist and argued with that man for along time, and I believe this one will occur in your life time more then once. And again going with my claim they all will get you to some kind of fight or conflict.

My Hypothesis of Middle East in the Future

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I believe as time goes on people will be accepting of the beliefs and ideas, for example for centuries we believed blacks were animals, and being gay or lesbian was wrong, but now in the 21st century we are more accepting and we tolerate these differences. So in the future I think that the Muslims in the middle east will be able to tolerate the Jews, and the the same for the Jews with Muslims.