internet safety

how to stay safe on the internet

how to create a strong and secure password

to create a strong and secure password your password needs to be: reasonbly long, include various letters and numbers, nothing that strongly relates to you e.g pet names or favorite sport or activity and include lower case and capital letters. it is also is not a good idea to tell anyone your password even if it is your friends because one day you might have an argument with them and then they can log in as you and do anything.

anti virus software

it is important to have strong anti virus software such as norton securaty, avast, kaspersky and AVG. all of these softwares inform you if you have a virus and try to get rid of it for you at the same time; you can also use it to scan for virsus's.

Do's and Dont's for using the internet

  • Dont hand your full name, adress, post code or phone number to anyone you dont know.
  • dont click on any pop up unless you know it is offical and it wont give your computer any virus's.